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If you are sick of being asked by your members what they should eat...let us teach them!

We help gym owners help their members understand nutrition!

We turn happy members into members who rave about your gym!

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Why Should You Consider A Seminar?
  Your members read a lot of different claims making them confused about what to eat to see results
  Your members have questions about their current calorie intake and macronutrient split
  Your members have questions about what food they should be eating in order to see results
 Your members have questions about what to eat to fuel their workouts
  Your members have questions regarding supplements
Our experienced coaches love to educate and would love to help you get your members' questions answered.
Read What Participants Say About Our Seminars...
"I really enjoyed it and found it really helpful. I’ve already been implementing what I have learnt directly to my clients."
- Melissa
 "I was worried I wouldn't be able to follow but the presenters explained things in such a simple way!" 
- Steven
"I loved how they started from the very beginning so everything was clear."
- Maria
"They took the time to answer my questions and go back over sections that I didn't understand."
- Julie

"The coaches set up an environment that made me feel okay to ask questions in front of everyone, and they answered them all so clearly! I can't believe how much I took away from this!"
- Scott
 "I've been to many workshops and seminars before, but this one was different by a mile. No bias or opinion, just straight facts and how to put that into practise."
- Gordana

Read What Gym Owners Say About Our Seminars...
"A day full of knowledge bombs... and not just for interest sake, but practical information my members will use long term."
- Mark
"It's always a nervous time inviting people into my world for the first time to speak to my members, because my members' trust those who I approve first. It was clear after the first few minutes of Flex beginning the day that they were in good hands. Would have them back in a flash."
- Greg
"My members lost over 200kg combined from the 10 weeks that followed the Flex Success Seminar. And not only that, Flex taught my members how to maintain it!"
- Paul
"Wow wow wow. This was a real game changer!!!!! Now my members understand not just what they need to do, but WHY. Could not talk highly enough of the day that Flex Success put on for us."
- Steve & Sonia
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